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Alternatives to Online Marvel Slots & Roulette

Online casino slots themed after Marvel superhero series were a huge hit in the online gambling world. Unfortunately after many successful years, Disney (the owner of Marvel brand) decided to withdraw the licensing deal from online game makers leaving a lot of casino players (who were probably also superhero or comic book fans) left disappointed. 

If someone thought that roulette is a standard game and nothing else, they were very wrong. Here's Playtech, the casino games provider who came up with an amazing idea to introduce the superheroes known from the Marvel series to online roulette. Fans of superheroes like: Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America can’t omit the “Marvel Roulette” slot. 

Alternatives to Marvel slots and roulette

Even though most superhero fans will be split between Marvel vs. DC comics – there’s still plenty of slots in the superhero verse to entertain yourself with.

DC licensed a number of their characters and brands to casino game software providers. Batman is one of these: you can play a number of Batman themed slots for example:

  • Batman & The Joker Jewels Slot 
  • Batman Begins Slot Machine
  • Dark Knight Slots Game

And for Superman fans you can also spin the Man of Steel slots as well as the classic Superman Returns “the movie” video slot.

More about the dearly missed Marvel casino games…

Playtech once again impressed players with his high quality production. “Marvel Roulette” is the European version of Roulette with classic rules and wheels with numbers from 0 to 36. Bets are divided into inside numbers and outside odd and even numbers; black and red; small and large numbers; tens and columns. We have two auto play modes: simple and advanced. In the simple mode, we choose the number of rounds to be played, and in the advanced mode, we set the stop option. There are eight symbols in “Marvel Roulette”: Spiderman, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Thor the Mighty Avenger, Iron Man, Ghost RiderGra and Captain America. The interface is friendly and clear. It is a great position for regular players and beginners.

The slot machine had an amazing bonus feature which gives a chance to win quite a lot. The first is the Marvel Bonus, which is triggered when the ball lands on the Marvel Bonus position we have bet. We also have a Marvel Bonus Round. It is a 3 reel slot machine that uses a Marvel position bet in the main game. Our task is to get three of the same Marvel symbols by spinning the reels. 

A paytable is displayed above the rollers. When we qualify for the bonus round, our winnings are guaranteed. As befits Playtech slots, we have a progressive Jackpot – Marvel Mystery. It runs randomly after each spin of the wheel even though there is no payout in the spin. Even the smallest bet will launch a Marvel Mystery Jackpot round. When we activate the Jackpot feature, we will win one of the four progressive jackpots. With each of our bets, the jackpot grows and our chances of winning increase. We can change the direction of rotation of the roulette wheel by clicking the “Direction” button. Up to 4 sets of bets, we can mark them as favorites and place them in the roulette system with one click on the button. 

The theme and design of “Marvel Roulette” was amazing. The idea for such roulette was a bull's eye. The characters from comics and roulette, theoretically, should not go hand in hand, and yet this combination proved to be 100% successful. Great visual,  impressive graphics, nice sound effects and a high probability of winning puts the slot on the podium of online casino games.

The Marvel Roulette slot was suitable for both stationary and mobile devices. This roulette is simply amazing. Who would have thought that a simple table game could be made an online casino hit. And yet it happened. Playtech has combined roulette with comic characters and a slot machine with a progressive jackpot. Thus, he changed the face of roulette. It gave rise to other productions that could possibly make a fantastic position for players. Marvel Roulette is a fantastic slot machine that is worth playing either for for fun or to grab a huge pot of money.